On board OBC / DCDC & PDU assembly

Technical Parameters:

OBC output power:6.6KW@220V(AC)

OBC input voltage range:85~265VAC

OBC output voltage range:270~470VDC

OBC input voltage frequency:45~65Hz

OBC input current:≤32A

OBC charging current:0--20A

OBC charging power:≥ 94%(rated load)

DC/DC input voltage range: 280--470 VDC

DC/DC output voltage range: 11.5--14.5 VDC

DC/DC output rated voltage:13.8±0.14 VDC

DC/DC output power:2.5KW

Output current range: 0-180A

PDU fast charging current:0-200A

Rated power of PDU air conditioning compressor:3500W

PDU air conditioning compressor current:0-12A

Rated power of PDU PTC:6500W

PDU PTC current:0-22A

Communication interface:CAN

Working environment temperature:-40 to 85℃

Protection level:IP67

Protection function:over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, short circuit, over-current protection, over-temperature protection, reverse polarity protection, grounding protection, safety isolation protection, anti-thunder protection, etc.